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Property Profile Request

One of the necessary parts of the buying or selling process is reviewing and understanding a property profile report. A property profile report will provide a basic look at the status of a property. Please note that a property profile is not a “full coverage” title report. A property profile will show you three things:

  • The last recorded deed of record.*
  • Map of the property
  • Tax Assessments, Property Information, as disclosed by the County Treasurer(s)*

*It is important to note that the Grantee on the deed, or the Owner listed on the tax records, may not be the vested owner. Only a full title search discloses the vested entity.

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New Order/Pre-Listing Request:

A preliminary title report is generated after a title search is performed. Our qualified title team investigates the public records in the county where the home is located. During this search, our team looks for recorded documents that affect title to the land, such as deeds and liens, easements and other various items of record.

A preliminary report is then created. The report lists and details any liens, easements or other encumbrances on the land as exceptions to insurance coverage. On pre-listing reports, the “Proposed Insured” is left blank until a valid purchase and sale agreement is received. Upon receipt, the entire report is re-researched and distributed as a preliminary commitment to all parties.

A preliminary report does not give you any insurance coverage. It is simply an offer of insurance coverage for the specified property.

“Orders placed before 3pm Mon-Fri will be received the same day unless otherwise communicated from our customer service department. Orders after 3pm will be received no later than the next business day.”

New Order/Pre-Listing Request

Title/Escrow Fee Estimate

The Title and Escrow Premium estimate is based upon the initial information you provide when you make the request. It is possible and relatively common, that the Title premium will qualify for discounts. This is based upon the activity on that same property but it is difficult to determine without doing an examination. The Escrow will be calculated on the sales price or the refinance amount depending on why type of policy is being requested.

Title/Escrow Fee Estimate