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North Meridian Title & Escrow provides both Title Insurance and Escrow services to agents and private consumers alike for all types of real estate transactions.

Title Insurance – A Small Cost for Years of Protection

title insurance

The real estate you own represents stability, permanence and hope for the future. Don’t take a chance and let your property be taken from you because of a flaw in the title. It makes good sense, for the relatively small amount it costs, to protect yourself with title insurance.

When you buy a home, you want to be certain that it is safely yours. But even the most diligent search of the public records could fail to disclose a number of title defects such as a forged will or deed, a title transfer by someone under age, or a married person conveying real estate without his or her spouse. Fraudulent impersonations. Secret marriages. Undisclosed heirs. Invalid divorces. False affidavits. The list of potential problems that can surface goes on. Without the protection of title insurance, you’ll be in jeopardy of losing your investment.

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Escrow Services

escrow services

Closing, which is also known as “settlement” or “escrow,” is the event where the title to a property is transferred from seller to buyer. Closing is typically held in an office, such as that of an attorney, title agent or title insurance company, and involves the completion of all the necessary paperwork to finalize the agreement between buyer and seller. In addition, all financial items are settled at closing (closing costs) and once the title is successfully transferred, the necessary documents are prepared, signed, and filed with local authorities.

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